The school is an intensive Christian discipleship course. It starts with 10 weeks of teaching followed by an 8 week missions trip. The final two weeks are spent in Davos to reflect on the whole experience and make a plan looking forward. 


Lecture Phase

The 10 week lecture phase is spent with a new speaker and topic each week. Each subject is selected to help grow and challenge you in your relationship with God in a powerful and practical way. The weeks are full of other activities including group Bible study, worship and prayer, work duties and plenty of fellowship over good food! These 10 weeks will help you unravel the identity God has given you, and you will learn what it means to be fully free and alive!

Some of the possible DTS topics include:
-The Nature & Character of God
-The Holy Spirit
-Hearing God’s Voice
-Worship & Spiritual Warfare
-Identity & Destiny
-The Father Heart of God
-Godly Relationships
-and more



Have you wanted to experience the power of God while you make a difference in this world? Or learn how to step out of your comfort zone in a totally different culture? Do you have a passion growing inside you to share the gospel and your testimony?

The outreach phase provides students with a cross-cultural experience and the opportunity to put into practice what they learned during the lecture phase. Bring God’s love and hope into different communities in a practical way by partnering with local ministries and churches. This can look very different, from playing with kids, to speaking in churches or prisons, to building houses, to trekking bibles out to villages. God has a different and exciting plan for each outreach!

Each individual schools can have different outreach locations. Some past locations have included South Africa, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan and more.



A DTS is a life-changing experience that lasts a lifetime. It is a stepping stone in your growth and walk with God. This is why we make sure to take time to sit down and process all you have learned and think about your next steps. How can you keep the fire? How can you continue to grow in your relationship with God? What does ministry look like for you in the future? This could be attending school, working in the business world, becoming a full-time part of a church or doing missions work.
The debrief time is a time that prepares you to go home and adjust to the environmental and social changes you may experience, as well as learn how to share with others what you have learned with God.

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“Before DTS I saw life as this sequential thing that went from getting a job, to a career, etc. And now that is totally blown up, in a good way. God is taking me on an adventure, and I realized it doesn't have to be planned." - Everett Wells DTS'17