Educational Recognition in Switzerland

The most effective and efficient way to raise up great leaders is if you can use a mix of theory and practical application. Our training plan is rooted in different courses registered by YWAMes educational institution. In Switzerland YWAM Davos is not a registered / accredited educational institution. Depending on the country, university or college credits may be transferable. The student is responsible to figure out if the training you do here in YWAM Davos is a recognized educational course by your country or university and if you can transfer some or all credits.

LTP1 - Basic Leadership Practicum


The Basic Leadership Practicum (UofN CHR 145 / CHR 146) is for those who feel a calling in leadership and want to further develop this gift. The BLP is a inhouse training program wraped around a DTS. As YWAM Davos we highly value the individual and believe that God has create each one of us as a unique reflection of Him. We believe that to serve His Kingdom in a powerful way we first must understand our true identity as the King's son or daughter. BLP is a time to discover who you are and how God has gifted you. The BLP is a full year training  and the first part of our Leadership Training Program (LTP).

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LTP2 - School of Ministry Development


We believe that knowing your identity in Christ is foundational for being a strong and Godly leader. That is why within the School of Ministry Development (UofN CHR 241 / CHR 242) identity and passion are emphasized. During the school we will look more closely at your individual development as a leader with curriculum to challenge and grow you in your unique giftings. There will be more leadership responsibility and opportunities to put into practice what is being learnt and to begin to understand personal calling and passion based on identity in Christ. SOMD is a full time and full year round school that builds upon the BLP

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LTP3 - Introductory Leadership Practicum


The Indtroductory Leadership Practicum (UofN CHR 243 / CHR 244) are for mature leaders who are aware of their calling and are desiring to bring their God inspired vision into reality. If you have a specific vision to pursue then this year is particularly helpful in developing skills and strategy to work towards a pioneering phase in the near future. It is our commitment as YWAM Davos to help develop you as a fully equipped leader who can than be launched into full-time ministry according to your passion. The ILP is a full time and full year round school that builds up on the SALT.

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